“Pandemic babies.” If you’re a mom that’s given birth any time within the last year, you may either use this term for your little one freely or shudder viscerally at the expression.

The postpartum stage is challenging enough on a great day…when you have all the support your heart desires from the people and providers you need it from the most. COVID 19, on the other hand, has turned our world upside down, hitting new parents with difficulties they never saw coming. Moms and dads literally have had no choice but to fend for themselves as they try to force something (going it alone) that literally flies in the face of our very biology.

Being pregnant or postpartum this year has meant so many things, like going to prenatal visits and even to births unaccompanied. For some, it’s meant that no one has ooohed and aahhhed at their glowing skin nor growing bellies. For others, it’s meant that they couldn’t introduce their newborns to their grandparents, aunts, uncles and even sometimes, siblings. And it’s launched normal amounts of new parent anxiety into the stratosphere in terms of testing, numbers, safety of vaccines, procedures, and labor/birth locations, etc., etc. etc.

So we want you to know we see you, new parents. This isn’t what you signed up for, but you sure have stepped up under some unimaginable circumstances. We salute you, and want you to know that there is support out there should you need it.  Download our free info-packet for guidance as you continue to weather new parenthood in an ever-evolving new normal.