How has COVID impacted Pregnancy Rates?

Speculation has been as much a part of the COVID pandemic as isolation, tv show reunions, endless deliveries of Chipotle, eye glass fog and Zoom fatigue. Since most of us have never lived through anything like this, we naturally wonder about our futures. What will work environments look like, what kind of protections will be developed, what can be done about health care inequity and how do we fix the damned supply chain issues?  One particular area of societal interest was and continues to be the birth rate, here and around the globe. After all, history tells us that the number of babies born reflect the times in which we live (“Baby Boomers”, anyone?). And birth rates often determine things like social security payouts (fewer individuals in the work force lowers the total amount available for distribution).

In December of 2020, The Brookings Institute published their own predictions in an article entitled “The Coming COVID-19 Baby Bust”. They estimated that “the public health crisis and associated recession would result in 300,000 to 500,000 fewer births in 2021”. When they returned to the subject 6 months later, they found that due to unforeseen variables such as school closures and decreases in reported sexual activity, the number was indeed closer to 300,000.

So where are we now, as we enter yet a third COVID calendar year? According to the latest research conducted by Cornell University, the US birth rate has dropped by 7.1%. Could it bounce back? Once conditions stabilize in regard to health and family life and the economy, it’s likely that numbers will trend upward. Cooler heads = less anxiety = more energy and bandwidth for canoodling.

Of course, statistics and speculation don’t tell personal stories, and they might have very little to do with your own current reproductive state of affairs. If you are currently thinking about growing your family, it’s best to focus on what will be right for you at any given time. And if you feel like the path to parenthood has been a turbulent one of late, give Maze a call. We can help you find ways to manage your stress and develop a road map back to your sexual self.

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