Because of the boundless love we feel for our kids, it’s only natural we want to do everything in our power to see them grow up healthy. Cord blood stem cells have the extraordinary potential to save lives and safeguard the health of your child. At Maze Cord Blood Laboratories, we pledge to do our absolute best to make this remarkable technology affordable to as many families as possible. We provide the highest quality cord blood and cord tissue collection and banking services at one of the lowest prices among FDA-approved cord blood banks.

The best science at the best value; this is our way of contributing to your family’s health and happiness. Now and in the years to come. Getting started is easy. Simply choose a plan that’s right for your family. Then, complete your enrollment online!

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An MRI at 6 months revealed that John had had a stroke in utero and suffered extensive damage to the left side of his brain. After receiving a transplant using half of the cord blood that had been stored when he was born, there was an immediate noticeable improvement, and his progress continues to this day.


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