What Is an Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant?


An umbilical cord blood transplant is a procedure used to treat various forms of blood disease, such as leukemia, certain types of anemia, and other forms of cancer. The umbilical cord contains stem cells, which can develop into healthy blood cells. Cord blood for an umbilical cord blood transplant can be used from the patient’s own umbilical cord, if it was banked, or from a donor’s cord blood.

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood is very important in case your child ever needs it. There are many diseases it can help such as cerebral palsy, leukemias, myeloldysplastic syndromes (pre-leukemia) lymphomas, Erythrocyte, and other bone cancers. Read here for  more extensive information on wisegeek.com

If you  go to this non commercial site and check out the comparison chart for different banks you can choose the one that is right for you.  It can be expensive, so choose the bank that offers no annual fee as well as a payment plan.

Check out this video, to see how banking cord blood might save your baby’s life



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