Cord Blood & Tissue - 20 Years of Storage

Includes 20 years of free storage. Payment plans are interest-free and no credit check is required.

One Baby 20 Years
48 Month Payment Plan $91.25/Month
36 Month Payment Plan $120/Month
24 Month Payment Plan $177.50/Month
12 Month Payment Plan $350/Month
Pay in Full $4,240

Cord Blood & Tissue - 25 Years of Storage

Payment plans are interest free and no credit check is required.

One Baby 25 Years
48 Month Payment Plan $104.27/Month
36 Month Payment Plan $137.36/Month
24 Month Payment Plan $203.54/Month
12 Month Payment Plan $402.08/Month
Pay in Full $4,865

Maze’s Pricing Includes

Maze Cord Blood & Tissue State-of-the-Art Collection Kit

  • FDA/NDA approved Pall Cord Blood Collection Bag (Contains CPD, an FDA approved anti-coagulant)

Medical Courier & Hospital Bedside Pick-up

  • Guaranteed expedited shipping from anywhere in the U.S. to our processing lab

Advanced Suspension Method™ Stem Cell Processing

  • A manual processing method, which is superior to automated processing
  • Significantly better cell recovery rates, regardless of blood volume collected at birth 
  • Less red blood cell contamination: up to 35% less than with automated processing 

Free Storage for 20 Years (an additional 5 years available)

  • Cryopreservation with vapor nitrogen, which maintains a more consistent temperature than liquid nitrogen 
  • 24/7 electronic monitoring with multiple backup generators 

$50,000 Quality Guarantee

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in a customer's own words

After thoroughly researching cord blood banking companies, we were extremely satisfied to have chosen Maze. We were nervous about getting the cord blood to NY from TX but the entire process went smoothly and the cost far beat out the competition. Plus, customer service was great!

– Monica | College Station, TX –

*Non-refundable deposit of $100 is due at time of registration via credit card.

All payment plans include a monthly administrative fee.

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