Can I travel during my second trimester?? The experts weigh in.

The second trimester is great for traveling, as long as you take a few precautions. Planning a vacation or weekend getaway  is definitely a good way to relax and enjoy your time with your significant other. If you are planning to fly take a few precautions such as drinking a lot of water before during and after the flight and not sitting for too long in your seat. Walk up and down the aisles if necessary. ( You can be sure there will be at ONE trip to the lavatory!) Our friends over at have answered some important questions regarding travel during the middle three months of your pregnancy. You can read here are a few tips to keep yourself (and baby!) safe and comfy on the road and in the skies.

While you are away, it might be a good time to have ‘those discussions’ with your other half. They might include baby names, a few for each gender, birth plan, and where to bank your baby’s cord blood. Do your research beforehand so that you are armed with as much information as possible.  Find the bank that fits your needs, one that doesn’t charge yearly fees and is accredited by the FDA. If you are not sure what the benefits of cord blood can be read here and click here if you would like to see a video of Baby John, a cord blood transplant success story. If you are concerned with costs check out this comparison chart showing different banks and  price comparisons.

All in all, planning time away can be calming and productive at the same time. Enjoy!!!

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