Scientists Successfully Expand Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells in Culture

Fully functional hematopoietic stem cells (or blood-forming) are successfully proliferating amongst other bone marrow-derived cells in a culture dish.



What exactly do all those medical words mean??? Simply put, stem cells can be  multiplied in a culture  providing millions and even billions of new cells which might be used in the treatment of anemia, immune deficiencies and other diseases, including some cancers.  Since stem cells from bone marrow limit the matching capabilities of the cells, umbilical cord blood cells might prove to be the answer to better matching.  Because umbilical stem cells can be  readily available and are immunologically immature, they allow the donor-recipient match to be less than perfect without the risk of immune rejection of the transplant.

What this really means is that banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood may be more advantageous in many circumstances.  Remember to do all the research you can on cord blood banking, its costs, what it can and can’t do, who is accredited and who isn’t and find the bank that has no yearly fee in addition to the initial cost. You can read more here about the possibilities of cord blood transplants .

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