What Happens to Our Fees At the End of Our Contract

When a couple banks their infant’s cord blood, they usually sign a contract that either includes 20 years of cord blood storage or guarantees the annual storage fee will not change for a set number of years.  Since the technology for cord blood expansion is moving rapidly, most people expect to store their infant’s cord blood after that time.  They want to know what happens to their cord blood storage fee after that agreement terminates.

Most cord blood companies will charge the annual fee that they are charging new families at that time.  Because of this, while you will not be able to tell what the fee will be, you will be able to tell whether it will be in the high range of storage fees or the low range.

Look at the bank’s current storage fee.  If it is on the high end, then when your fee resets, it will probably be on the high end.  If the current fee is on the low end, you can estimate that your reset fee will be on the low end.

M.A.Z.E. Cord Blood Laboratories is dedicated to keeping prices low for the parents who bank their infant’s cord blood with M.A.Z.E.  Because of this, even when the M.A.Z.E. storage fees reset, they will probably be lower than other prices in the market.

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