Mind you, we have nothing against money. You can’t do good science if you can’t keep the lights on. But ultimately, making tons of money is not our reason for being. Helping families have babies and keeping them healthy is. And that’s why our cord blood banking cost is consistently among the lowest of FDA-approved, state-of-the-art cord blood facilities in the U.S.

Compare our cost to other cord blood banks. Maze’s one-time fee of $2,490 includes all shipping, processing done by an AABB accredited and FDA regulated labs, and 20 years of cryogenic storage. If you also want to store cord tissue, add $1000 to the total. That’s it. No annual storage fees. Ever.

By making our pricing affordable and simple, we hope to make your decision to bank your baby’s stem cells easier. And in that way, realize our mission to help as many families as possible have children and keep them healthy.

Maze Cord Blood Pricing

We have chosen to make cord blood and cord tissue banking with Maze as affordable as possible to make it possible for the largest number of families to benefit from the potential of this amazing medical science. Learn More 

Maze Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Pricing

Currently undergoing extensive research, cord tissue banking has the long-term potential to have even broader applications for improving the quality of life. And, in our opinion, that time is imminent. Learn More 

Compare Cord Blood Pricing

If you do the research, you will find that Maze consistently out-performs most if not all other leading FDA-approved cord blood banks on pricing. Learn More 


Visit this section to review our standard, group and special promotions. In addition to our efforts to maintain one of the lowest prices, we have partnered with Care Credit to provide interest-free 12-month financing as well. Learn More