Myth-Busting Pregnancy Edition

In honor of all parents-to-be, we bring you a few fun facts about family-building. While there is so much serious news to digest these days, we thought a break might be a welcome distraction.

Myth #1: Every woman’s water breaks before her labor begins.
Truth:  Only 11% of all women experience a leak or gush of amniotic fluid prior to feeling their first contraction.

Myth #2:  A due date is an actual thing.
Truth:  Only 5% of all women give birth on their due dates. That’s why the clinical term is actually “Estimated Due Date” (and those of us in the birth world refer to it as a “Due Month” because there is so much variability around this).

Myth #3: Most pregnancies in the US are planned.
Truth:  Just 50% of pregnancies in our country are reported to have been planned

Myth #4: You can’t get pregnant if you exclusively breastfeed.
Truth:  Um, yes you CAN. Many women have.

Myth #5: Every partner freaks out at the first sign of labor, and immediately experiences a loss of all executive function.
Truth:  After attending over 100 births, I can tell you that while most partners have at least SOME understandable anxiety, they don’t turn into blithering idiot sitcom characters.

Myth #5: Labor and Birth Are Strictly Biological.
Truth: A baby can come from lots of places (like a mother’s womb or another woman’s womb, a donated egg and or sperm). What matters in the end is that someone capable and caring opens their heart to a new little person.

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