TissueQES Processing Method Verifies Stem Cell Growth

At Maze Cord Blood, your baby’s cord tissue is processed using our TissueQESTM. This process provides a Quantitative Evaluation of stem cell Survival.  This means the quality and quantity of your baby’s stem cells will be verified prior to long-term storage. We will provide you with a PhotoID to confirm your baby’s stem cell’s growth after it is processed and tested. In the very unlikely case that your baby’s cells do not grow after testing, you will have the option to destroy them and receive a refund for the cord tissue.  

Post-thaw Vs. Pre-thaw Methods

Our TissueQESTM    verifies that your baby’s stem cells can survive the freezing and thawing process by measuring the post-thaw growth.  It is important to keep in mind that most banks use pre-thaw verification methods and therefore, aren’t offering, confirming or evaluating the viability and ability of the cells to grow after freezing and thawing.

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