Green pregnancy: Protect your baby from outside toxins

Having a “green pregnancy” isn’t about morning sickness. During the nine months of pregnancy, more women are paying attention to what’s going on outside of the womb, in an effort to protect the health of their baby inside the womb. Every day there seem to be more  and more ways to protect yourself and your baby from external health hazards. We all know the hazards from second hand smoke and the  consequences it has. But there are unseen hazards you may be unaware of. From a ‘green’ diet to ‘green’ cleaning products you  can learn more to protect yourself and your LO. This is an outstanding article explaining the green-ness of pregnancy.

While your are making sure you have a heathy pregnancy, remember to do your research on cord blood banking. and find the bank that has no additional yearly fees and one that is accredited. Here is a  non commercial site that helps you do the research, and here is a video of a success story. Also find one that is reputable, it doesnt have to be near your home. Just like any insurance, pray that you have it but pray that you never (ever) need it.

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