Sex During Pregnancy



Yes, there will be changes in your sex life while you’re pregnant, but many women and men want to know if sex is safe during pregnancy. Communication is key between partners and doctors to ensure everything is fine and continued sex is safe. Intimacy should play a huge role during those 9 months, whether it’s sex or kissing, cuddling, and caressing. Many women go through stages that range from being extremely sexual to extremely nonsexual. But again, communication lines need to remain open with everyone involved.

When Sex is Safe During Pregnancy

As long as your pregnancy is considered “normal”, sex is safe during all stages of pregnancy. Normal pregnancies are what doctors refer to as ‘low-risk’. Only your doctor will be able to determine whether or not you are low-risk. If you are low-risk, and you choose to have sex, you’ll find that as the pregnancy continues, you may need to find new positions for comfort reasons, but it’s important to know that sex isn’t painful while you’re pregnant. Orgasms are perfectly safe and healthy too. During orgasms, you will feel your uterus contract, but these contractions are extremely different than labor contractions. Water-based lubricants are recommended during the pregnancy and after the baby is born since most woman experience vaginal dryness.

When Sex is Unsafe During Pregnancy

There are a few things both partners should be aware of when having sex during pregnancy that could potentially harm mother and/or baby. If you’re experiencing complications such as bleeding, discharge, cramping, leakage of amniotic fluid, expecting more than one, or have a history of pre-term labor or miscarriages, sex during the pregnancy may be considered unsafe.

If you’re not having any complications during your pregnancy and wish to have sex, there are still a few things to keep in mind to prevent unsafe sex.

1) Having sex with a partner who has an STD can transmit the disease either to you or your baby. Your partners sexual history should be known ahead of time.
2) Blowing air into the vagina during oral sex isn’t safe. It can cause an air embolism which can be fatal to both mother and baby. An air embolism is a blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble.

Can Sex Harm the Baby?

No, sex is not directly harmful to the baby. Your baby is protected by the amniotic sac and muscles of the uterus. Also, the cervix is sealed by a thick mucus plug that prevents infections. It’s not possible for the penis to come into contact with the baby.


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