Stem Cell Breakthrough Offers Diabetes Hope





Scientists have discovered a new technique for turning embryonic stem cells into insulin-producing pancreatic tissue in what could prove a significant breakthrough in the quest to find new treatments for diabetes.  Stem cells have the ability to become any type of cell, so scientists believe they may hold the key to treating a number of diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes. Scientists believe that transplanting functional beta cells into patients, most likely into their liver where there is a strong blood supply, offers the best hope for finding a cure for type-1 diabetes. It could also offer hope to those with type-2 diabetes whose condition requires insulin injections.

Parents Guide to Cord Blood has a great site and facebook page which explains how stem cells work, what diseases they treat and how to bank your baby’s umbilical cord blood privately as well as publicly

You can read more about this new therapy here.

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