Prenatal Checkups and Tests



Prenatal care is the care you get while you are pregnant. This care can be provided by a doctor, midwife or other health care professional.

The goal of prenatal care is to monitor the progress of a pregnancy and to identify potential problems before they become serious for either mom or baby.

All mothers-to-be benefit from prenatal care. Women who see a health care provider regularly during pregnancy have healthier babies, are less likely to deliver prematurely, and are less likely to have other serious problems related to pregnancy.

During prenatal visits, the health care provider:

  • Teaches the woman about pregnancy
  • Monitors any medical conditions she may have such as high blood pressure
  • Tests for problems with the baby
  • Tests for health problems in the woman such as gestational diabetes
  • Refers the woman to services such as support groups, the WIC program or childbirth education classes

General Testing

(From The America Pregnancy Association)

Blood Test

Paternity Testing

Urine Test


Rh Factor Testing

First Trimester

Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS)

First Trimester Screen

Second Trimester


Cordocentesis : Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling (PUBS)

Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening (MSAFP)

Quad Screen

Triple Screen Test : Multiple Marker Screen

Third Trimester

Biophysical Profile (BPP)

Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST)

Glucose Challenge Screening & Glucose Tolerance Test (NST)

Group B Strep Infection

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