Finding The Right Name For Your Baby Can Be Difficult. Here’s How To Make The Process Simpler And More Fun

Choosing a name for your baby could be a wonderful exercise for your and your significant other.  Remembering loved ones who have passed or honoring those in our families is one way we choose the name.  This can get very sticky knowing your mother would want to you name him after  uncle Joe  (whom you never even met) or your great great grandmother gladys back in the old country…. Well first of all take a deep breath, luckily you have a few months to calm the waters.  Put together a list of possibilities,even the most outrageous, and put it away for a week or two and revisit it again then.  When you prepare your list of things to do while you’re  pregnant and for the hospital, add it to your list of things  so every time you check something off it will be right there, staring you in the face reminding you that another discussion is still needed. .  Don’t forget to discuss cord blood banking with your other half and your ob/gyn or midwife. And remember, your probably never met a child who went to kindergarten without a name…..Read here for some great advice on naming your baby…..#cordbloodbanking #pregnancy #moms

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