Cord Blood Stem Cells to Treat Type 1 Diabetes




In order to understand how to treat Type 1 Diabetes with cord blood stem cells we’ll begin with what cord blood stem cell is. Cord blood is the blood that remains in the newborn’s blood after birth. Collecting cord blood cells is a simple, safe, painless procedure that usually takes less than five minutes and happens immediately after birth. After the umbilical blood has been cut, the remaining blood in the cord is collected.

Now, how exactly does this help to treat type 1 Diabetes? Cord blood stem cells can repair damaged islet-cells so as to improve insulin secretion and regenerate new islet cells so as to replace necrotic cells. With this process, insulin can be secreted more so that the problem that insulin is not enough for body to regulate high blood glucose. By doing this, blood glucose can be decreased on its own. You can read more here.

Banking your baby’s cord blood can used to treat many diseases already including some leukemias, cerebral palsy, some bone cancers and others

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