Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee’s perspective on a ‘ good day at work’


Ever since Cliff Lee’s son, Jaxon, was diagnosed with leukemia ten years ago, the major league pitcher never takes one day for granted.   Through several rounds of chemotherapy and ultimately an umbilical cord transplant, Jaxon has made a full recovery and is now considered to be in remission.  Because his doctors were able  use stem cells to produce healthy cells, Jaxon has had his childhood restored and hope for the future.  But it wasn’t all that easy for the Lee family.  As a result ace pitcher Cliff Lee has chosen to give back to the doctors who helped his son.  You can read more about it here.

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood is very important should  your child ever need it. There’s no guarantee that they ever will but as with any insurance,better to be prepared and hope that you never, ever, need it.   There are many diseases it can help such as cerebral palsy, leukemias, myeloldysplastic syndromes (pre-leukemia) lymphomas, Erythrocyte, and other bone cancers. Stem cell transplants have begun to be see in the forefront of medical research because of all the the good it can do and the promise of what it might be able to do in  the future. Do research and find the cord blood bank that suits our needs, is accredited and has no annual fee.  It will save you money in the long run.

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