Prenatal Massage Tips to Relieve Headaches, Fatigue, Nausea & more…

The quiet, the calm, the massage, the alone time…… When you are pregnant, your body can ache, you may get headaches from hormones or exhaustion. You might feel nauseous  and over all malaise.  If you have the time try to get a prenatal massage. During pregnancy, women suffer from all sorts of discomforts.  Unfortunately, traditional medicine offers few ways of alleviating these problems. By learning how to soothe aches and pains with safe, therapeutic massage techniques, moms-to-be can learn to better cope with the changes of pregnancy.   Learning how to take charge of her own pregnancy can help an expecting mom feel healthier, more energetic, and more in-control physically and mentally. You can read more here to learn how to de-stress and take care of YOU!


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