Parents Make Facebook Page for Unborn Child; Becomes Online Journal




We all know about Facebook. We all know that we can re connect with old friends and make new one via this site.  However, the parents of this yet unborn baby have already made a page for her and while doing so created an online journal of their nine months of pregnancy.  Many days  had posts of the baby girl’s progress and the daily accounting of the parents as well.  Although Facebook does not allow underage children to have their own page, this was created, obviously, by her parents for good natured reasons. It became a way for their families to keep in contact with one another as well as with the parents-to-be…read more here

Creating a journal helps us remember the little things, like when we first felt a kick or heard a heartbeat. In addition it gives parents the chance to form a timeline and plan for upcoming doctors appointments and the like. It can also become a  way to explain about cord blood banking  and the possibilities for cures it might provide should your child ever need it. Because there are so many decisions we make everyday, cord blood banking can be made easier by getting the facts, do some research  and making informed decisions. Click here for an informative video with some answers about cord blood banking.

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