Chicago Bulls Forward praises stem cell transplant



Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer’s  son was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. He and his wife (at the time) decided to have stem cells transplanted from a healthy sibling to Carmani, who has the disease.  Its  been 4 years since then and all is well with the little boy once diagnosed with the devastating disease. “It teaches you how precious life really is,” Boozer said, remembering the profound effect of witnessing families losing their children. “You can’t really sweat the things that don’t matter.” You can read the entire article here.

THere are many diseases that can be treated with stem cells and the list is growing all the time. Read here for a list of conditions treated with stem cells and consider banking your newborn’s cord blood with an FDA accredited bank. Choose one that does  not charge a yearly fee in order to keep your costs lower. You can click here for a comparison chart and a coupon.

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