CBS’ The Doctors on Stem Cells and Cord Blood


On the most recent episode of The Doctors on CBS is an awesome segment about stem cells and cord blood. The Doctors answer a question from a women deciding whether she should store her third child’s cord blood. The collective answer was a resounding ‘yes’.  They speak about the overwhelming and positive potential of stem cells and cord blood. If stored, your family is protected should the need  for a stem cell transplant arise. The Doctors call it insurance. Hope that you have it if necessary, just like any other insurance.  They explain that the benefits outweigh the costs and to make sure the company you choose is accredited and approved by the FDA. In addition, they note that some companies charge a yearly fee, however, MAZE Cord Blood Bank charges only a one time fee thus saving thousands of dollars over the course of time. You can see a cost comparison chart here . You can also see the video here.


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