An in depth look at prenatal screening tests






Deciding  what tests you want to have while you’re pregnant can be mind boggling. You can choose no testing at all with the thought that you wouldn’t terminate the pregnancy anyway. Or you can choose blood tests only because they are less invasive. You can also choose to have all the tests with the idea that knowing before hand is a comfort for you.  This is one of the most personal decisions you will ever make during your pregnancy.

Usually  a  pregnant women can have a basic screening test followed by a diagnostic test to confirm or deny the earlier results.  They are usually more conclusive. Other tests may include an amniocentesis, where fluid is removed and analyzed for possible genetic defects. In addition, many women have routine urine tests at their ob/gyn office visit to rule  out urinary infections or protein in the urine which might be an indicator off preeclampsia.

Again, these decisions are personal for each couple when the outcomes are not normal. It is important to enlist the support system of family  and friends at such a difficult time.

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