Ways to keep your pregnancy healthy and green.




From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, your mind is going in 1000 different directions.  First and foremost, usually, is how to have a healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery. There are a few things you can do immediately which add to yours as well as your baby’s health.First, drink plenty of water and although you might be inclined to use those nifty water bottles, the truth is that the water in them is not as regulated than that of tap water. Buyer beware. Next, find those vegetables!  Shop local if you can and remember to always wash them right before you eat them. They will stay fresher longer that way. Whenever possible, walk instead of using the car. You will get the exercise you need while helping the environment as the same time.  If you must drive, look for those that have better gas mileage with better repair rates. Next on out list is to stay away from toxins such as strong chemical odors from cleaning products and  exhaust from busses and trucks. You can make your own household cleaner simply with vinegar, lemons and baking soda. Remember to contact a cord blood bank to store your baby’s umbilical  cord blood.  The old adage, waste not want not is especially true  now.  Don’t waste what could be a life saver for your child should the need arise. The last way to a healthy pregnancy is to breast feed. While this may not be right for everyone, make sure you go through the pros and cons of each and what works best for you. Remember , a happy mother leads to a happy child..

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