The Importance of Genetic Testing

Genetic diseases affect an estimated 12 million Americans, yet according to a survey of 1,000 people conducted by the Genetic Disease Foundation (GDF), while two-thirds of those surveyed were willing to and saw the benefits of undergoing genetic testing, close to 80 percent had never talked to their physician about genetic screening – an inconsistency that can have serious implications on a person’s overall health and the health of their immediate family members.  Read here for an extensive article about genetic testing and questions to ask yourself and your significant if you should seek genetic testing and what to do with the results.

These questions are all part of preparing yourself and your SO for the birth.Other questions may include the decision to bank your baby’s cord blood in case they  should ever need it. If you are unaware of the benefits of storing cord blood you can read about it here. In addition, here is a short video of the story of Baby John.

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