Do you need a Doula?

The concept of a doula is not new. A woman supporting another woman through labor is a tradition that goes back many years in all cultures. Some women do not live in close-knit communities where their sisters, mothers, aunts, and friends are there to support them through pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood; these events can be scary and can make a woman feel lost if she has to experience them alone.

A doula helps fill this gap by providing support to the woman and her partner or support system throughout the childbearing year. A doula does not replace the support system; instead, she helps support them so that they can focus on loving and encouraging the laboring woman. Doulas can serve as a source of information during pregnancy, labor and birth. If you are choosing to bank your child’s cord blood, a doula may be the person who collects it for you or who makes sure that it is done properly. A doula assists families in gathering information about their pregnancy, labor and the options available for delivery.

Follow this link to a video about doulas, from a Dad’s point of view..

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