Finding a trustworth Cord Blood Bank: It’s good to know your stuff

I read a blog today – wow, what a mouthful!  It’s written by a popular blogger in Singapore but it has just about every argument known to mankind about banking cord blood.  I almost believed she worked for one of the banks but I couldnt find any link or advertising. Here’s the blog entry on cord blood banking.

In it, there was reference to slick and sleazy cord blood banks and how “buyer beware” is the name of the game. She writes from Singapore so I don’t know what the regulations are in that market.  I posted this response about the US :

“In the US, the cord blood banking processing and storage requirements are regulated, so any bank that’s AABB accredited and is processed in an FDA (Federal Drug Administration – a government oversight agency) follows the same protocol. So, in most cases, a parent-to-be can confirm if the bank under consideration has those accreditations. Then, it’s up to pricing. See for information (including pricing) for cord blood banks globally. Though I work for MAZE Cord Blood Labs, that website is not ours; it belongs to a scientist who lost a child to a disease that cord blood transplant could not cure. Dr. Verter has synthesized the international cord blood scene with great care.”

You should check out parentsguide too.  It’s quite informative and rich with perspective.

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