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A colleague recently discovered an interesting blog. Natalie Curry was the first U.S. citizen to receive a cord blood stem cell transplant. Born in 1985, suffering from Fanconi Anemia, Natalie needed a stem cell transplant. Unable to fine an HLA match through bone marrow, her parents decided to conceive another child as a potential match. Natalie’s first sister was not a match, but her second sister was a perfect HLA match.

Cord blood had not been approved yet in the US for treatment of Fanconi Anemia so Natalie’s family moved to France for a stem cell transplant. After 3 months, they returned to the U.S. with her stem cell tranplant a success.

Check out Natalie’s blog to learn more about her journey. She also shares the latest news in the stem cell industry and some of her insights about the world around her.

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