Experimental Therapies

In the past, we have posted about experimental stem cell therapies, but, it is so important, we have to mention it again.  When we say experimental, we are not talking about the research that is conducted through major universities, using established research methods to determine if a treatment is effective.  We are talking about companies in other countries that prey on the fears of parents with sick children, charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for unproven therapies.

As parents, we completely understand parents’ desire to do everything possible for their children.  The problem is that nobody knows if any of these treatments work.  Since they have never been tested with established research protocols, there is no way to know if they are effective.

China is one of the major markets in this industry.  The Chinese government has announced that it plans to regulate the burgeoning stem cell industry to prevent unscrupulous companies from profiting in this rapidly growing market.  The question is whether the regulations will be developed to protect existing medical treatment companies.  Developments in the Chinese stem cell industry will be interesting in the next few months and deserve observation.

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