Once you receive the kit after collection, check to make sure everything has been placed back into the kit: cord blood bag, cord tissue cup, maternal blood tubes, and completed documents. 

Call our medical courier at the number provided on the kit as soon as possible. Your call will dispatch our Medical Courier for hospital bed-side pickup, and rush your collection kit to our processing lab. Your baby’s stem cells are viable for up to 48 hours, so refrigeration or freezing is not necessary at this point. Our medical courier expedites shipping so the blood arrives at our lab within 12-24 hours. 

Quick International Medical Courier

We use Quick International Courier as our medical courier. They have been in the business for over 30 years. Quick has decades of experience helping clients with their mission-critical shipping challenges, transporting their urgent packages swiftly and efficiently.

Quick specializes in shipping lifesaving organs and blood for transplant and research, critical parts for the high tech, medical and manufacturing industries, as well as confidential and valuable items for the legal and entertainment industries. With a focus on providing global logistics, Quick is at the forefront of innovations, offering precision, individualized service and dependability.

As an industry leader in global lifesaving shipping logistics, Quick International Courier:

  • Picks up from anywhere in the world, in most cases, within one hour of your call, 24/7/365
  • Analyzes optimum routes and uses the best mode of transportation via Next Flight Out, On-Board Courier, Global Air Charter Services and/or experienced drivers for the fastest possible delivery
  • Works with Air Traffic Control and flight departments to establish “Life Guard” status of your shipment for priority treatment
  • Charters aircraft for added speed and security in emergency situations, to deliver to remote locations or to transport surgical teams
  • Monitors the temperature of shipments throughout transit
  • Is ISO Certified to meet the rigorous standards of international deliveries
  • Provides ongoing details and alerts regarding the status of each shipment via QuickOnline, including automatic proof of delivery online or by phone, fax, email or text


Note, for locations outside of the United States, additional shipping fees apply.