Maze’s retrieval process:

  1. You would inform us once you and your physician have concluded that the cord blood is needed for transplantation. A prescription from your transplantation physician is required to start the process of releasing the cord blood and/or cord tissue from storage.
  1. We will then send you paperwork to sign as a formal request for release. Once signed and sent to us, these documents would provide your consent to release all relevant medical records to the transplant physician. We will contact the transplant physician and their institution to prepare for the transfer of the cord blood and/or cord tissue from our facility to theirs. No cord blood and/or cord tissue are released without your written consent.
  1. We will then arrange a courier to ship the cryoshipper to the receiving facility. There is a temperature indicator/logger that continuously logs the temperature of the shipper. The cryoshippers are validated regularly to ensure their performance. Cord blood that is cryopreserved can travel around the world without any loss of viability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees associate with retrieval?

There is no fee associated with retrieving your baby’s stored stem cells.

However, you would be required to rent a cryo-shipper (transport tank) from us for transportation of your baby’s stem cells. The rental fee for the cryoshipper is $125 for 5 days. There is also a $900 refundable security deposit. Once the cryoshipper is returned, your deposit will be refunded. In addition, you would be responsible for the fees associated with the shipping and the return of the cryo-shipper.

What is the cost of shipping the storage tank?

The cost of shipping varies based on the location of the facility. Typically, the cost ranges between $200 and $500 for domestic shipping, and between $1,000 and $2,000 for international shipping.

What if I move to another country? Can the cord blood be shipped internationally?

We have shipped cord blood internationally before with no problems. In the event that you need the cord blood, we will work with you and your physician to ensure proper protocols are followed to get your cord blood there safe and sound.

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