When it’s time for delivery, remember to take the cord blood collection kit with you to the hospital. When you arrive at the hospital, remind your physician, midwife, or nurse that you are banking cord blood/cord tissue.

After your baby has been delivered, either vaginally or by caesarian section (C-Section), one of your practitioners will clamp and cut the umbilical cord. At this point, your practitioner will insert a needle into the umbilical cord to collect the remaining cord blood either before or after the placenta has been delivered. There is no risk or pain to you or your baby. From start to finish, the cord blood collection process takes about five minutes.


If you are storing cord tissue as well, then the cord is clamped and a 3-5 inch section is then cut and placed in the sterile, protective storage cup provided in your Maze Cord Blood collection kit. Both the cord blood collection bag and cord tissue storage cup are placed back into the kit and returned to you. Additionally, the physician will draw three tubes of the mother’s blood for testing.

Once you receive the kit after collection, check to make sure everything has been placed back into the kit: cord blood bag, cord tissue cup, maternal blood tubes, and completed documents. Then, seal the kit with the provided label. 

Call our  medical courier at the number provided on the collection kit within two hours of collection. They will arrive at your hospital room and initiate secure transport of the cord blood to our lab. They are available 24/7/365. When you are ready for pick up, call 866-907-1300.

Information for Physicians

We know parents have many questions surrounding cord blood banking, and it’s not uncommon for Physicians to have questions as well. Learn more about our Physician’s Guide, what’s in our kit, and how the Pall Cord Blood collection bag works.