When it's time for delivery, remember to take the cord blood collection kit with you to the hospital. When you arrive at the hospital, remind your physician that you are banking cord blood and tissue.

After your baby has been delivered, either vaginally or C-Section, one of your practitioners will clamp and cut the umbilical cord. At this point, your practitioner will insert a needle into the umbilical cord to collect the remaining cord blood either before or after the placenta has been delivered. There is no risk or pain to you or your baby. From start to finish, the cord blood collection process takes about five minutes.

The Only FDA/NDA Approved Cord Blood Collection Bags

At Maze, we use the only FDA/NDA Approved Pall cord blood collection bag containing Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD), which is the safest, most effective anticoagulant used in the industry today. CPD is recommended and approved by the FDA as the preferred anticoagulant for blood collection.7

The Pall cord blood collection bag is Heparin-free.

Heparin is not recommended by the FDA or the transplant community. The use of Heparin as an anticoagulant with cord blood is discouraged because it begins to break down 12 hours after blood collection. This breakdown can lead to the formation of blood clots, which may render your baby's cord blood unfit for processing.8

In 2009, data was published in an American Society of Hematology abstract that showed that cord blood units collected with liquid CPD preserved 30% higher TNC counts and 58% higher CD34+ cells (indicators of the number of viable stem cells) than units collected with heparin.9

More cells in storage means better outcomes for families in the future.

What's in Our Kit

Parental Instructions | Hospital Checklist | Doctor/Nurse/Midwife Instructions

Cord Blood Collection Supplies
The Pall Cord Blood Collection Bag

Medical Supplies
Swab Sticks | Alcohol Wipes | Saline | Blood Drawing Materials

Blood Collection Materials
3 Test Tubes | Tube Labels

Cord Tissue Supplies
Sterile Cord Tissue Collection Cup

Information for Physicians

We know parents have many questions surrounding cord blood banking, and it’s not uncommon for Physicians to have questions as well. Learn more about our Physician's Guide, what's in our kit, and how the Pall Cord Blood collection bag works.