Step 1 | Getting Started

Getting started with Maze is easy. Simply enroll online and choose a plan that’s right for your family. Our Cord Blood & Tissue Collection Kits contain everything your physician needs to collect your baby’s cord blood & tissue. Place your collection kit in your hospital bag and bring it with you to the hospital when it’s time. Learn More 

Step 2 | Collection

Once your baby has been delivered, your physician will collect your baby’s cord blood and tissue. We use the only FDA/NDA Approved Cord Blood Collection Bag. Learn More 

Step 3 | Shipping

After collection, call the number on the collection kit. Our Medical Courier will pickup the kit from your hospital room and rush it to our processing lab, typically within 12-24 hours. Once your cord blood has arrived to our lab and started being processed, you will receive an email confirming its delivery. Learn More 

Step 4 | Processing

Your baby’s stem cells will be processed using our Advanced Suspension MethodTM which results in an increased number of viable stem cells and a reduction in the amount of red blood cell contamination – regardless of blood volume collected. Learn More 

Step 5 | Freezing and Storage

The stem cells will be preserved in a vapor nitrogen storage tank at -190º C or colder. Our stoage facility is private with a secure alarm system and two backup generators. Learn More 

What Happens After 20/25 Years?

Before your contract expires (either 20 or 25 years) one of our Cord Blood Specialists will contact you and give you the option to either destroy the cord blood sample or to extend your storage with one of the plans we are offering at that time. We will never destroy the cord blood sample without your signed and written consent. 

Retrieving Cord Blood

No matter where you are in the world, if you need your cord blood, we can send it to you. And rest assured, cord blood that is already frozen can travel around the world without any loss of viability. Learn More