Remember Who You Are

I recently spoke to an association of childbirth professionals about perinatal sex (that which occurs during pregnancy and the postpartum stage). Needless to say we had a blast, and enjoyed a really rich post-presentation discussion. 

Here’s a takeaway that seemed to resonate with several attendees:  having sex allows you to remember who you are. And that’s because most women are swept up into an unfamiliar dance with their respective identities when they decide to grow their families.

Sex is an integral part of our very existence. And whether we experience a biological pregnancy, or choose to adopt or employ surrogacy, etc., planning for motherhood introduces us to a whole host of questions about what things are gonna look like on the other side. Will we go back to work or stay at home? Will we just become “so-and-so’s” mommy? Will our partner consider us differently in any way? There is no question that a baby changes so very much. And while it can – even if temporarily – change the way we feel about and express our sexuality, parenthood has no claim on it. Because your sexuality is just as much a part of you as your right hand and your knee caps and your heart.

Yes, life will get a bit messy or challenging and require more planning and well, the list goes on. And in the middle of it all, having sex can remind you that you’re still very much you under all those lullabies, baby blankets and sleepless nights.

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