Pregnancy Questions? You Deserve Answers…Now.

Nothing burns me up more than when a pregnant woman says she asked a question of her provider at her most recent appointment, only to be told “Oh, we don’t discuss that until (fill in the blank)”.

What kind of care is that? Yes, the gestation of your baby and the changes in your body may be a relatively linear process. And let’s face it – you can’t be in your third trimester without having experienced the first and the second. However – if you have a question that pertains to anything prenatal or postpartum, you deserve answers on the immediate front.

Don’t let anyone dismiss you and your curiosity – that can only lead to anxiety and frustration. Instead, respectfully request that your provider answer you now instead of waiting for a future appointment. If you feel that you aren’t being heard, or that your provider isn’t treating your working relationship as a collaborative one, it may be time to explore other options. This can be a daunting task, but exploration is well-worth it when you’re pregnant. It will either lead you to a practice that’s better suited to your needs and preferences, or it will help you to feel more solid in your initial provider choice.

Self-advocacy will serve you well for the 40+ weeks of pregnancy, but also during labor/birth and as you head into the journey of parenthood. 

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