Private Lives (and the Not So Much)

Once upon a time, women didn’t have to fret a great deal about keeping their pregnancy to themselves, at least not in the first trimester. When social media wasn’t (gasp!) a thing (and unless a woman chose to share her news with others), the general public was kept in the dark until she began to show.

Nowadays, women of childbearing age – especially those who are partnered – can feel a lot like a fish in a big, glass bowl. They worry about what friends and family will say if they decline an alcoholic beverage or if they cancel plans.  Their social media accounts will be scoured for clues. Well-meaning relatives might do the math, so to speak, and maintain hyper vigilance for any potential sign of conception. While our current options for sharing news are seemingly endless, we know this can be a blessing and a curse. If you’re pregnant, you may want to scream it from the rooftops (and the ‘gram and the ‘book and the ‘Tok, etc.). However, YOU own your body, your story, your family. You aren’t obligated to share anything with anyone until you are ready, just because others might choose to, or because others are nudging you to do so.

Your reproductive health is your business, and so is every decision you make when it comes to family planning. As long as you remain in charge, you’ll likely know when the time is right to let others in on your news. Read our blogs for more information about pregnancy or download our Free Information Packet to learn about Cord Blood & Tissue banking.