Choosing a Provider When You’re Pregnant

When it comes to pregnancy and birth, women have a myriad of decisions to make, from the benign to the super critical. Choosing a suitable care provider definitely falls into the latter.  

In the United States, women experiencing low-risk pregnancies can select a midwife or OB GYN to care for themselves and their babies. For some, the decision comes down to factors such as geography, insurance plans, and choice of birth location.

Let’s take that last one, for example. If a woman is interested in delivering at home, a consult with a home birth midwife is the way to go. Both types of providers have privileges at hospitals (though this varies from institution to institution). If a free-standing birth center is preferred, moms can make an appointment with the midwives at those respective centers.

Another important piece to consider is philosophical alignment. There is no right or wrong way to give birth; however, since the medicalization of the process in the early 20th century, some providers adhere to a more clinical approach, looking to medication and procedure to control labor and delivery because they believe it is safest. Others are committed to allowing things to unfold more naturally. What is correct for each and every woman depends on her own medical history, whether her pregnancy is low or high risk, who else will support her during labor (partner? Family member? Doula?) and her unique belief system in birth.

Whether or not to bank your baby’s cord blood is another decision that new parents will need to discuss. If you’re unsure and would like more information, please contact us for an information packet.