Pregnancy During Covid-19

I’m a certified childbirth education instructor. So, it will come as no surprise that I believe every expectant parent should take a childbirth education class.

While formally preparing for labor, birth and postpartum doesn’t guarantee a specific outcome or experience, it does provide a wealth of information. And when it comes to something as unpredictable as the birth process, knowledge is power. Pregnant women deserve a comprehensive understanding of their options. They need to know what awaits them at their birth location (be it home, birth center or hospital), what they can expect from their care team, and most importantly, how they can successfully rely on their own resilience.

The COVID-19 crisis is weighing heavily on everyone, but moms-to-be are experiencing extraordinary challenges. They’re concerned about contracting the virus, about their babies getting ill, about whether family members, doulas – even their partners – will be permitted during labor and delivery, and how they will be able to secure postpartum support.

Because things are changing so rapidly, your prenatal and postpartum care may look a lot different than what you envisioned before coronavirus hit our collective consciousness. As such, it is more important than ever to learn as much as you can about your potential choices so that you can have as positive an experience as possible.

If you are due within the next few weeks, you might not have time to take a traditional childbirth series. However, most educators are adjusting their classes to accommodate the latest information, and many organizations that advocate for pregnant and new parents are offering webinars that help attendees determine their best next steps. While many women will stick with their current providers and birth places, others are seeking alternatives. Making key decisions based on solid information will help you navigate these difficult waters.

Ultimately, your labor, birth, and new beginnings as a family are what matter most – far more than current events occurring in the outside world! So regardless of whether you just conceived or you’re in your third trimester, understanding your options is empowering, and will help you learn how to best advocate for yourself and your baby.

Let us know if you need resources and referrals – we’re happy to offer you evidence-based, comprehensive and unbiased information that can help you explore what’s best for your family. If you’re in New York, please see below for some great resources we trust. 

One of the many choices that is made while pregnant is whether or not to bank your baby’s cord blood, as well as which company to bank with. Learn more about cord blood banking and why to choose Maze.


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