Breastfeeding vs Bottle Feeding: It’s your choice

Pregnant women can be overwhelmed with questions about what motherhood will be like. And often one of the top concerns is deciding whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. What makes the experience special is that moms can choose how to feed her babies based on what feels best for her body and her baby.

Most babies are able on to latch to mom’s breast for feeding shortly after birth. Once placed on mom’s chest for some skin-to-skin time, they wiggle themselves over to mom’s breast where they’ll latch on to begin their first feeding.

While some moms experience the ease of the baby doing all the work to breastfeed, some babies don’t catch on so easily.  Remember that this is normal and okay! In this case, moms may prefer to pump their milk and bottle feed instead. Some believe it’s easier on the body and eases mom’s stress of her baby not being a great breastfeeder. With a large variety of breast pumps on the market, there are plenty of options and opportunities to find the one that’s right for you. (Some pumps may even be covered by insurance! Make sure to contact your insurance provider to find out which ones).

There are also moms who do not breastfeed or pump their own milk at all, but choose baby formula instead. Baby formula can also feed your baby the nutrient-rich milk they need to help with their development.

Whichever you choose, know that both are perfectly acceptable option. Not breastfeeding your baby makes you no less of a mom than one who does. Motherhood is hard! Feeding your newborn doesn’t have to be.

Talk to your doctor about what feels right for you. Know you are not alone!

We understand that there can be an overwhelming amount of decisions to be made while you’re pregnant. Choosing whether or not to bank your baby’s Cord Blood shouldn’t be complicated or confusing. Download our free info pack to learn more.