Her Brother’s Cord Blood Saved Her Life

Just after she was born, Cameron was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia (FA), an inherited genetic disorder that attacks cells in bone marrow, eventually leading to bone marrow failure. The prognosis she was given by her doctors caused her family great concern, as most children with this condition do not live into adulthood.

At 9 years old, Cameron’s health began to rapidly decline. Her doctors agreed that she should undergo a stem cell transplant in order to remove the FA-infected blood cells and replace them with new, healthy blood cells. Her family was relieved to hear that stem cells could be used for treatment because they had decided to bank the cord blood stem cells from all 3 of their children when they were born.

Although Cameron’s stem cells carried the FA gene and could not be used, her brother Conlan’s banked stem cells were a match!

Cameron underwent chemotherapy, followed by a successful stem cell transfusion.

Three years later, Cameron is enjoying all pre-teen things. She hangs out with her friends, enjoys being creative with make-up and even shares with people her new connection with her brother Conlan.

Cameron’s parents hoped they would never need to use their children’s cord blood stem cells, but after doing a lot of research and learning about how cord blood can currently treat over 80 diseases with the potential for so much more, they decided it would be a greater risk not to bank them. It just gave them piece of mind.

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