Personal Space Changes During Pregnancy

As a woman progresses through pregnancy, a study has shown that her sense of personal space also expands, along with her growing belly. Using a “touch and sound test” at various stages of pregnancy, it was noted that the farther along mom-to-be was, the bigger her sense of personal space was as well.

As a baby develops, mom’s body goes through many changes. Not only does she experience hormonal changes, her uterus grows from the size of a pear to the size of a watermelon, her internal organs shift, and her belly expands to accommodate the growing fetus.

At the end of the test, which consisted of mom-to-be being blindfolded and responding to sounds in the distance, it seemed that the instinct to protect her baby dramatically increased during the third trimester as her waistline expanded. Makes sense, right? She is now carrying a protruding belly with developing human inside. The bigger baby grew, the more space mom’s body must accommodate for.

With this said, it’s important to respect a pregnant woman’s body and space. With her protection mode on high in her third trimester, you should always consider asking permission before reaching out to touch her belly!

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