Cord Tissue Stem Cells Cure Joint Pain

Kim Worley had experienced a life-changing car accident that shattered the bones in the lower part of her left leg. The T-bone accident landed Kim in a six-hour surgery to piece the bones in her leg back together. Even after her year-long recovery, Kim never fully healed and experienced constant pain in her knee, hip and neck.

Determined to find relief, she contacted Dr. Heller at Heller Healthcare, a chiropractic facility in Brunswick, Georgia. Treating all her patients individually, Dr. Heller develops treatment approaches based on the condition of her patients. For Kim, this meant receiving a transfusion of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), regenerative cells found in bone marrow and human umbilical cord tissue.

At first, Kim was skeptical because the treatment was costly, and there was no guarantee the treatment would work. But ready to live pain-free, she decided to move forward with the procedure.

Kim had MSCs from umbilical cord tissue injected directly into both her knees and hip. Since MSCs develop into bone and cartilage cells, Dr. Heller was confident they would regenerate to fill in the missing parts of Kim’s damaged leg bones. And she was right!

In one week, Kim noticed major changes. With just one infusion, Kim could walk and jump without any pain or discomfort! Although hesitant at first, her only wish was that she had gotten it done sooner.


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Kim’s story, “Treatment leaves patient pain-free” was a contributed report published in The Brunswick News in April 2019.


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