Baby Shower (Before, During & After) Survival Tips

Your baby shower is an exciting time. Whether you are organizing it or someone is planning it for you, there are many things to prepare for. From knowing what to put on your baby registry, to sorting through your presents after the event, these tips will help make a huge difference!


Make sure to create a baby registry.

This gives family and friends the opportunity to get the things you really need. Even if you don’t need much, or you decide not to make your gift registry public, it is still a good idea to create one. After your baby shower, most registries will give you a coupon/discount to buy any remaining items left on your registry. Click here for a list of the top 10 items to add to your registry. 

Tip: Do not register for clothing and if you do only register for the bare minimum needed. People will buy you baby clothes regardless if it on your registry or not (it’s easy and fun to pick out!).


Wash and organize the baby’s clothes.

Make sure to buy baby detergent ahead of time and sort through the clothing after the baby shower. Remove the tags and wash whatever you decide to keep before you are due to deliver.  The last thing you want to do is laundry when you get home from the hospital.

Tip: Do not wash all of your newborn clothes. Depending on the size of your baby when he/she is born they may go right into 0-3 month clothing. I would suggest washing 1 – 3 newborn outfits for your hospital bag. If needed you can always wash more but if not, you can return those outfits and use the money to buy other necessary items.

Also, if you can’t return something, have duplicates, or it just isn’t your style, put them aside for grandma and grandpa’s house (or whoever may be babysitting). Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but in case your baby has an accident (like poop through their clothing) it’s always good to have back-up outfits. I sent my in-laws with clothing, books and toys I had excess of! Now I don’t have to remember to bring these items every time I go visit.

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