Making a Choice: Staying Home vs. Going Back to Work

Did you just have a baby? Are you wondering whether or not you should stay home with your child or if you should go back to work? Can you stay home even if you wanted to? This can be a tough decision for many families and many factors must be considered before making it. Some things to think about are:

Is there flexibility at your current job?

Things happen. There may be days where you need to come in late or need to leave work early. Does your employer understand this and can you change your hours to better fit your new schedule? If necessary, is there the possibility of working part time?

Can you afford not to work?

Look at your expenses, make a budget and see if it is possible for you to stay home. If you’re married, see if your husband’s income is enough for both of your everyday expenses and still have enough money put aside in case of an emergency.

If you do work, who will watch the baby?

If you can take advantage of a family member or friend to babysit you won’t have to worry about paying for childcare. However, if you don’t have anyone who can babysit – you have to account for the current cost of childcare. By the time you calculate childcare, is it cheaper for you to stay home? Or do you need to go to work just to pay for the days you do need it?

Staying at home means not missing a single moment in your child’s life. You can wear what you want and plan activities to do with your child. For some moms if they can afford to stay home, would love nothing more to. On the other hand, going back to work gives you the opportunity to build your career and get out of the house. As much as you may love spending time with your child, it may be nice to have some adult time too.

This decision isn’t an easy one, and families must consider what works best for them.