Wondering what you can and can’t eat now that you’re pregnant?

Eating healthy during your pregnancy can be hard. Crazy cravings, empty pantries, an over-packed schedule, and not enough hours in one day. There are many things that may stress you out during pregnancy, but knowing what you can and can’t eat shouldn’t be one of them. 

Don’t panic, there’s an app for that! We have personally tried out several pregnancy apps that are specially made to help guide pregnant women through the “dos” and “don’ts” of pregnancy eating. So if you’re wondering what’s okay to eat (and whether you have to give up your favorite foods for nine months), check out these downloadable apps for healthy eating during pregnancy:

  1. Parenting.com’s Can I Eat It?

Looking for easy to find answers on the go? This app makes finding answers to your critical food safety questions easy so you can make the best decisions for you and your baby whether you’re out the grocery store, out to dinner, or standing in front of the open fridge door at 2 a.m.

Bonus: This app also has helpful articles and advice on the best superfoods, ways to fight morning sickness, and more.  

Price: $1.99 at the Apple Store

  1. Pregnancy Food Guide

No matter where you are this quick and informative guide will help you make safe decisions for you and your baby. This app features hundreds of common foods, drinks, and ingredients, along with information on whether the food is safe to consume during pregnancy, and any related benefits or dangers. 

Bonus: This app also comes with a convenient shopping list feature and no internet access is required!

Price: $0.99 at Google Play

  1. Pregnant Eating: A Guide to Safe Dietary Choices for Expectant Mothers

If you need help navigating what you can and cannot eat during preganancy this app is for you! This app alleviates any stress making food decision with an easy food search with color coding. Green means the food is safe to eat, Yellow means you should follow some precautions and red means you shouldn’t eat it! This app even has a barcode scanner!

Bonus: This app was developed by a first time dad

Price: FREE at iTunes