Preparing for pregnancy.


Starting a family is a life-changing milestone. One way to have the best possible pregnancy, birthing process and parenthood experience is to plan for it ahead of time. It is important for both partners to communicate with each other about how they feel and whether or not they are ready to have a baby.  Fortunately, there are many effective options in short-term and long-term contraception that couples can use until they are ready to begin trying to start a family.

One of the most essential steps in maintaining a healthy pregnancy is establishing a relationship with an OB/GYN, certified nurse midwife and/or related healthcare professional as early as possible. This involves setting a preconception visit with your provider to discuss certain health conditions and/or medications that could possibly interfere with the pregnancy, as well as steps for a healthy pregnancy, such as beginning a prenatal vitamin regimen.

Once you become pregnant, getting early and regularly scheduled prenatal care is of utmost importance.  Women should seek medical evaluation soon after their first positive, in-home pregnancy test or first missed menstrual cycle. Early prenatal care provides a good baseline for the provider to effectively monitor and manage the health of the mother and development of the fetus throughout the entire pregnancy; it also offers more options for prenatal screening tests.

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