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What’s safe to eat during pregnancy? Parenting.com’s pregnancy diet and nutrition app, the resource for moms-to-be on what’s safe to eat during pregnancy, has all the info you need.

For example, can you eat cheese while pregnant? What about cold cuts, sushi, peanut butter and coffee? Parenting.com’s Can I Eat It? app answers all of your food safety questions for what you can—and can’t—eat during pregnancy.

Our Can I Eat It? app gives you an extensive review of meat & poultry, fish, dairy, beverages, produce and condiments. We tell you which items are safe, which are not—and why. You’ll also get useful nutrition information on each food and suggestions for similar items to avoid or enjoy.

From anchovies to zucchini, Parenting.com has an answer for all of your pregnancy food safety questions

In addition, here is a  video series brought to you by www.whattoexpect.com in which Heidi Murkoff tell expectant parents how to go about eating healthy when they are pregnant.  First, she says, eat 5-6 mini meals a day instead of the usual three.  This will help when you are too nauseous to eat by adding nutrients a little at a time.  Remember, early on in pregnancy your pea- sized fetus doesnt require a whole lot.  So eat foods rich in lean protein and  and non fatty foods.  She also reminds women that they only really need an extra 300 calories while they are pregnant, so while you need to be mindful of how much you eat , the main thing is to be conscious of WHAT you eat.  You can see the full video here.


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