Signing up for Cord Blood & Tissue Banking

In order to sign up for cord blood banking, you must first choose your plan, then enroll online. It’s quick and easy! The online enrollment is necessary in order to send you a collection kit. A $100 deposit is due upon enrolling, but we do not charge you the remaining balance until our lab has received your collection kit and successfully processed your baby’s cord blood. We also offer a variety of payment plan options.

We recommend enrolling at least 4 weeks before your due date. If you are due less than 4 weeks prior to enrolling, please call us at 877-629-3522 to speak with one of our Cord Blood Specialists who will help expedite the process. 


Once you have enrolled, we will send you a Cord Blood & Tissue Collection Kit which contains everything your physician needs to collect your baby’s cord blood & tissue. 

Did you originally register to bank cord blood but now you want to add tissue? No problem! All of our Collection Kits contain everything needed to collect both cord blood and cord tissue so you can use the kit you already have.

Notify your doctor that you will be collecting and storing cord blood or cord blood and tissue with Maze Cord Blood. We will also send your physician a letter stating that you will be storing cord blood or cord blood and tissue.

When it’s time for delivery, remember to take the Collection Kit with you to the hospital. When you arrive at the hospital, remind your physician that you are banking cord blood and tissue.


Note, for locations outside of the United States, additional shipping fees apply.