The Maze Advantage

Maze is physician-owned and operated and is committed to making quality cord blood banking affordable to as many families as possible. When you consider both quality and price, Maze is the best choice.

Flexible Payment Plans Available - As low as $65/Month (Interest-free, no credit check required!)


Competitive Pricing

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Maze CryoCell ViaCord CBR
Total Cost $4,240 $8,249 $7,975 $7,960


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Maze CryoCell ViaCord CBR
Total Cost $2,990 $4,449 $4,340 $4,245


Superior Stem Cell Processing

Advanced Suspension MethodTM

Your baby’s cord blood will be processed using our Advanced Suspension Method™. This manual processing technique results in higher accuracy and less cell damage than automated processing, regardless of the volume of cord blood received.  When the volume of cord blood for processing is less than 40 ml or above 140 ml, the recovery rate increased 25%! This is a dramatically significant improvement over automated methods. Learn more.


Your baby’s cord tissue will be processed using our TissueQESTM method, which provides a Quantitative Evaluation of stem cell Survival. The quality and quantity of your baby’s stem cells will be verified prior to long-term storage and you will receive a PhotoID verifying your baby’s stem cell growth. Learn more.

MazeT5TM Multi-Compartment Storage

MazeT5TM preserves the unique stem cells from both your baby’s cord blood & cord tissue into 5 equal and separate segments. This gives your family the most options for the future with the flexibility to use only a part of these valuable stem cells as needed.

FDA / NDA Approved Collection 

We use the only FDA/NDA approved collection bag, which contains an anti-coagulant called Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD). CPD is recommended and approved by the FDA as the preferred anticoagulant for blood collection. 

Many cord blood banks use an alternative anticoagulant which is not recommended by the FDA or the transplant community. The use of this alternative anticoagulant with cord blood is discouraged because it begins to break down 12 hours after blood collection. This breakdown can lead to the formation of blood clots, which may render your baby’s cord blood unfit for processing.

Learn more about the Collection Process.

Medical Courier Service

Our medical courier is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They come straight to your hospital room and expedite the shipment to our processing lab. The cord blood arrives within 12-24 hours after pickup. Learn More.

$50,000 Quality Guarantee

If your child’s cord blood is used in a stem cell transplant and fails to engraft, Maze will pay up to $50,000 to defray the cost of the procurement of an alternative stem cell source if medically indicted. Learn more.

Reviews & Testimonials 

Real words from real parents. Read what our customers have to say. Learn More. 

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*Money Back Guarantee: your deposit will be fully refundable if order is cancelled before due date and kit is returned intact and unopened.