Why store cord blood and tissue?

By storing both your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue, you’re taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to store two different types of stems cells that are a 100% match to your baby. 

What are cord blood and tissue stem cells used for?

Cord blood stem cells have been used in over 35,000 transplants to treat nearly 80 life-threatening diseases, including cancers, blood disorders, and immune system deficiencies. There are over 50 clinical trials researching the use of cord tissue stem cells in the treatment of Asthma, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Type 1 Diabetes, Eczema, Hearing Loss, and many more.

Why choose Maze?

Under the leadership of our Founder and Medical Director, Michael Werner, M.D., our mission is to make cord blood banking as affordable to as many families as possible. Superior Stem Cell Processing, FDA / NDA Approved Collection, FDA Approved, and AABB Accredited.